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Services - Design and Detailed Engineering

Design and Detailed Engineering

2D Drafting

We seamlessly convert all of your data from paper, blueprints, scans, microfilm based drawings to editable CAD format files.

The drawings are standardized to overcome individual drafting styles on paper. The entities in each paper drawing are identified and extracted to create standard layers / levels and other specifications of text styles, heights, dimensions styles, symbols etc. Our team has well versed in various drawing standard like ASME Y14.3, Y14.5, Y14.8 etc.

We work as a virtual extension of your engineering department. We can function on-site or off-site in our own facility, using our own hardware and software. This is an excellent option that gives you great flexibility.

Legacy Data Conversion

Our engineers knows the technology to convert your extensive collection of data in any two dimensional (2D) format into three dimensional model (3D). Outsourcing these non-core activities allows you to concentrate on core developmental activity while increasing productivity.

Design and Detailed Engineering

3D Modelling

The 3D model made out of the drawing is parametric and associative with the drawing. This part is now ready for the higher-level 3D assembly. Any changes to the part’s features will be easier to achieve, which is the key advantage of the 3D Modeling. Further, the changes will automatically propagate to other linked drawings and assemblies. In future, variations of this part can be easily obtained by having different configurations

Why Karmen?

  • Flexible Engagement Model - pay as much you use
  • Zero Fixed Costs & Capital Investments
  • One Stop Shop - from Design to Physical Testing
  • Opportunity Costs Savings - free up internal resources for new & important projects
  • Performance Metrics for routine, regular drawing maintenance