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Valve Performance Testing Center

Cyclic Testing

Present market requirement is to know “How many times your valve will be set on and off”, especially most of the soft seated valve required this numerical value for preventive maintenance. By changing the wearied components in advance sudden plant shot down will be eliminated.

Even for metal seated gate valves the seat wear can be predicted in advance before the wear travel washed off.

Fire Type-testing as per ANSI-607/ISO 10497-5

Fire type test method confirms the pressure containing capability of a valve under pressure during and after the fire test.

A closed valve completely filled with water under pressure is completely enveloped in flames with an environmental temperature in the region of the valve – 750 degree C to 1000 degree C for a period of 30 minutes.

Valve Performance Testing CenterFire testing of valves is potentially hazardous with our well trained personals the test will be performed with 100% safety consideration.

Cryogenic Testing

Valves used in hydro carbon services required to function at extreme conditions. Cryogenic test will be conducted at -196 degree C with liquid nitrogen as per BS 6364.

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